where biodegradable cat litter meets the road…

OK, I’ll be honest…I’ve never given my cat litter much thought, beyond the need to clean it every day or two(and I’m the only one who thinks of it at our house at all).
Here’s a fact, clumping cat litter changed my life. Oh yes, you think it takes something big to rock my world? Not really…clumping cat litter was enough.
For those of you who don’t have cats, thus, no cat litter, let me enlighten you.
Cleaning the litter is one of life’s great equalizers. No matter who you are or what you do….if you change cat litter, we are one people.
A formerly horrifically stinky,messy job has been rendered marginally stinky and horrific by clumping…all the crap and …..liquids….stick together…ok? Scoop…over.
But here’s what I didn’t know.
Conventional clay- and silica-based litters are actually strip-mined from the earth and sit in landfills forever…..More than 2 million tons of non-biodegradable kitty litter made from strip-mined clay end up in landfills every year. I had no idea about that, and the fact that are environmentally friendly cat litter, as I had never thought of litter as environmentaly un-friendly.
How about corn cob litter? Found this on website Ideal Bite….

O* Environmentally-friendly litter is safe and 100% biodegradable
* Fast clumping formula forms hard clumps quickly, eliminating messy clean-up
* Natural cat litter is flushable and ideal for self-cleaning litter boxes

I’m gonna give One Earth Cat Litter a try- biodegradable, clumping corn-cob granuals absorb 2X more than clay ($10/7 lbs).Triple-action litter entraps, neutralizes, and destroys offensive litter box odors. Flushable natural formula contains yucca, pine and natural fragrances. Highly absorbent, fast clumping corn cob granules absorb twice as much as clay and are 99% dust free.

Let’s see what Wild Kitty and Muff think….I’ll let you know, as soon as they let me know.
P.S. litter box tip that changed my life? Dr. Kim Hammond told me to have more litter boxes…preferably one more than I have cats. While I haven’t gone that far, I do have two….hey, cats like a choice. Who doesn’t?


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