Molly and me…..

Who came to visit us today at WBAL?? None other than Molly Ringwald….star of stage and screen who’s in town for two weeks, starring at the Hippodrome in Sweet Charity, and you can see our story with her tonight at 5:00.
Ok, she was taller than I thought….really nice too. She’s 7 months into a 9 month national tour. And while she was quite pleasant and a good interview, it was pretty easy to tell that kind of travel, even with her daughter and her daughter’s father traveling with her, has taken a toll. I asked if it had flown by, and she said.”Ummmm, not really.” I get that….completely.
Molly is most famous for, of course, the movies Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink (which she was shocked to learn it’s on AGAIN this Saturday night on Oxygen). She’s been asked about them so much ou tour, she said she really doesn’t have much to say about them, except that she’ll view them again with her now three year old daughter Matilda, when she is 12 or so.
But the reason PIP is on again, is that it’s one of those movies, that other than the hair and shoulder pads,it stands the test of time. And it’s a really good film about coming of age, and the total awkwardness
of it all.
I think the picture of Molly is really pretty…hate it of me, but it’s the only one I had…..thanks to Scott Wycoff of WBAL-AM….he sent it to me once, and I accidentally deleted it…not sure how(I’m a moron?)….but he sent it again.
Anyway, welcome to Baltimore, Molly/hon….hope you have a good stay. And she hopes to see you at the Hippodrome!


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