Maintenance…all about maintenance….

Now that I’ve recovered from the rigors of Easter (almost), I need to attend to some personal maintenance. That includes a much needed visit to the one and only Usha Gupta.
What does Usha Gupta do? Magic that’s what ….brow magic. Usha is a beautiful woman from India, who practices that art of threading. Some of you will know about this, others probably won’t….Usha in her new salon on Joppa Road, just across from Towsontown Center, makes unruly brow behave…..and upper lips absolutely hair free.
How doe she do this? Not with hot wax, which can take your skin off if someone isn’t careful. Usha takes a lingth of simple white thread, and holding one end on her had and a twisted section in her teeth, she rolls the thread rapidly over the skin, and skillfully plucks that errant hair that needs to be removed. Dominica Davis and I are both big fans of Usha’s, as are other ladies here at WBAL.
I even arranged for Usha to come to the station once or twice, to do brows (hey, Usha tells me some of her clients have their entire faces threaded!). I sent out an email to everyone here, about the date, time and price(10 bucks for brows, 5 bucks for an upper lip), and got more than a little grief from the men about the building. On 98 Rock, they had a little fun with my Usha Gupta memo…..but we had quite a turnout of women in search of the perfect brow. And who isn’t really….and if you aren’t you should be.
But I need to see Usha….if I wait too long I start plucking my brows, and occasionally she asks me reprovingly in her quiet voice, “Donna have you been plucking?” So I try not to do do that…she seems so disappointed in me.
And you should see the gorgeous saris Usha wears….really beautiful.
Which is what my brows will be….as soon as I see Usha Gupta!!


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