freezing azaleas, filled Easter baskets….flotsam and jetsam…

Hey, Happy Easter everyone….while it is cold…really,really cold this morning, it makes me feel a little better to know it’s 54 in Miami.
You should have seen me last night, and tonight, no doubt, trying to wrap plants with newspaper, to help them survive through the cold spell. Several people said to just let them go. But I can’t! I bought them, and potted them, and watered them…..I really don’t want to go through that again, even though it might have been less work that finally resorting to dragging sheets out of the closet, and throwing them and pillowcases over things outside. My house probably looks like I have a very odd way of doing laundry. Got to go get those things in!
And yes, the much talked about Easter baskets are filled with goodies, and waiting for the recipients to wake up. Wish I had one…they look pretty good, if I say so my own bad self…..
At least it’s sunny…..I’m grateful for that. And I certainly hope all of you have a lovely Easter, whether you’re gathered with family or with friends, or even if you’re having a quiet day on your own…savor the moment… passes too quickly.


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