Lifetime Easter baskets…I’m not alone…

Yesterday I wrote about the ongoing task of creating Easter baskets for my kids, who aren’t kids anymore. I asked about the cutoff date for this…I mean, come on! Nikki wrote me this…. sigh.

I was rolling when I read about the Easter baskets. I have to tell you I’m 42 and my dad still makes a basket every year for my sister and me. We tell him it is not necessary but that makes no difference. I have to admit I do enjoy the chocolate. There is nothing like the taste of Easter chocolate. So to answer your question about the cutoff age I don’t think there is one. I just hope that your kids make you an Easter basket also.


Well, Nicki, you give me very little hope for the future. And I should add, I do not get an Easter basket from my kids. Ungrateful little wretches…Oh, that’s not really true, they are grateful for the baskets, as well they should be. And I do understand the predicament I’m in, is because I’m a total weinie, when it comes to my kids. True, true……

Later addition: OK people at work are now telling me theie Easter basket stories…..a photographer named Tim says that his Mom still does baskets for all the “kids”, four of them, (the oldest is 49) AND baskets for eight grandkids!! So clearly I’m getting off easy. He says she digs it. I think he should ask.
And Jennifer Franciotti, who now sits across from me in the new newsroom…says her Mom always give her something for Easter, this year it was an oven thermometer. Nothing says Easter like an oven thermometer.


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