A bridge by any other name……

The Forest Park Bridge reopened yesterday, after two long years for the people who lived around it, and commuted over it…literally, thousands of people every day who traveled over that bridge,had to find anothe way to get where they were going,including me. Now, for those of
you who NEVER travel over the Forest Park Bridge and could really care less,
forgive me this blog…..try to care a little for those of us to whom it means something.
But I’ll bet there are things you you don’t know about the venerable Forest Park Bridge….(ok, I didn’t know these things either,until I checked).
The first bridge was built back in 1811, by the Franklin Paper Mill. (Franklintown and Dickeyville are both old mill towns). The bridge was only 33 feet wide, but back then, hey, that was plenty!
In 1855, Baltimore County built a covered bridge on the spot(all the rage back then), but in 1866, a flood on the Gwynn’s Falls washed it out….no big l
loss, the thing was deteriorating anyway.
1867, a new bridge is built, for the sum of $3600. But remember the flood the year before? You guessed it, that August the new bridge was history, as another flood washed that one out.
1868….heavy rains destroy the rebuilt bridge. Bummer.And it’s not until 1894, that a new iron bridge is built over the Gwynn’s Falls….now that was a long detour.
1910….Hey, let’s build a new bridge!! The most elaborate one yet is built…120 feet long, two 50 foot spans with , gasp, sidewalks and gutters. So newfangled….The cost for that one? $7530….Can you see the effects of inflation here??
The bridge was widened in 1929…but it wasn’t until 2005, that a new bridge was needed. I’d say they really got their money’s worth out of the 1929 one…..
Coustruction took almost two years….and while I don’t know the cost, I’ll bet you a hundred bucks it was a lot more than $7530…..
And as they say, that’s the rest of the story….


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