lifetime Easter baskets??

Here’s the thing…..I am still doing Easter baskets, even though my kids are beyond Easter basket age. Not only that, but I get to do an extra one for my son’s girlfriend(whom I adore, let me add). I’m not sure what the cutoff age was, but I know, they’ve passed it.
And whenever I mention this to my daughter who is 20, saying that I want to stop with the Easter basket act, she pulls the fairness doctrine, which usuallly goes like this. “Well, I get to have an Easter basket until I’m as old as when Jesse got his last one”. Which would give her a few more years, if I cut off Jesse and Jen right now.
And let me tell you (though I know there are those of you who do this same crazy thing and so you know of what I speak), Easter baskets get more expensive as they get older. No longer can you get away with throwing some Peeps, jellybeans, chocolates and a stuffed rabbit in a basket. NO! Age appropriate baskets do include chocolates(which are’t so cheap either…ever check Williams Sonoma?), but also things like hair products, maybe a tie, books(How to Live Green in New York City), lip glosses, and so on.
Those of you whose children are little are saying “this will NEVER happen to me”. To you I say, no it won’t , if you are very, very clear as they get older that there is a cutoff age!! Otherwise prepare to walk in my shoes.
And those shoes went to Eddie’s just yesterday for some Kookaburra licorice from Australia, which is my son’s favorite.
I think I’m finished. Now all I have to do is find the baskets. Where the heck are they? And do I have grass?
Oh, please help me.
This must end, and preferably before I’m using a walker.


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