Freezing Easter parties…enjoy!

Wouldn’t you know it …now that I have slaved all weekend getting the garden beds tidied up, cutting back stuff and gathering up others, planting pansies in pots and window planters, all in anticipation of people being outside on Sunday… we learn it is probably gonna be freezing that day. And all those Easter sunrise services? Wear the down overcoat. Forget the pretty spring dress. And don’t hide the Easter egg treats too soon….they’ll be frozen in 20-something temperatures.
It’s just sad, really. We’re all so pitifully ready for spring, that a weekend of sub freezing temps, biting the heads off everything that is blooming or getting ready to bloom is simply cruel.
And if you were planning too have a crowd of people over, plan ono packing them all inside this year. Why, why, why?

SEVERAL HOURS LATER: OK, I’ve gotten over my pity party, and am carrying on. It won’t really be THAT bad. Just kinda bad. I really shouldn’t think about it too much…I may go mopey again.


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