Ikea Crazy!!

This weekend I made the trek out to Idea in White Marsh, which is for me a good 40 minute trip. I was on my way to a fundraiser that night for ARC, the Association for Retarded Citizens at the Maryland Golf and Country Club….so Ikea was right on the way!
I schlepped inside, in a satin skirt(got a few odd looks, I admit), looking for pillow covers for some outdoor pillows. Now, here’s the thing. YOu can spend quite a bit of money on outdoor pillow covers….prices have gotten crazy on outdoor stuff, but not at Ikea. They have pillow covers for around $6.99, some a few bucks more. And while they were sold out of the plain white ones I wanted, they had some sharp cafe au lait ones, with interesting, modern designs that I loved, and will look monochromatic, don’t you think, for my plain, cream colored outdoor “living room”.
Don’t you love how furniture makers now refer to your patio as your outdoor living room? What that seems to mean is they can charge way more for the “living room sofa”. Gee, some of them are more expensive than indoor sofas!
But once I was in Ikea’s doors, the pillow covers were all but forgotten, when faced with the cornucopia of well-designed household objects. Looked at some desk lights(and got one for my desk in the new newsroom….it needed to look clean and modern)…a mom and daughter were also shopping (not in satin skirts)…. for her dorm room? An apartment? Anyway, the young woman found one she liked, the mom sensibly asked, “how much is it?
The daughter replied $7.99. “How much?” the amazed mom asked. I knew just how she felt…at that price, how can you afford not to buy it?
Alas, it is this mentality and my credo when I visit Ikea.

While I went for pillow covers, I ended up with the desk lamp, three white ceramic plant pots, with some gray-green succulents to go inside them(they look so good!), some little 3 inch white ceramic pots I may use for votives, or serving dishes for condiments…I don’t know, but they were 49 cents for Pete’s sake!Oh, and another white ceramic container that could be a vase, or hold bread sticks, a cozy wheat colored throw for chilly weather outside…..oh, it was quite a haul, let me tell you. And quite a rush, AND it didn’t break the bank!


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