Holding it!!!!

There was an interesting article in the Sun this weekend, about how to classify yourself, as to your “green” quotient….you know, just how environmentally involved are you…an eco-warrior, an eco-lover or an eco-slacker?
I am an eco-lover I guess, though I wish I was an eco-warrior, and in some categories I’m an eco-slacker, though I didn’t know it. For instance, I do use CFL bulbs all around the house, and they do save me money. I feel pretty good about them. BUT, the eco-warrior would have installed solar panels on the roof(wow, there’s where the next spare 30 grand will go!), and while I don’t buy alternative power from Pepco, made from wind and landfill gases(the eco-lover)…I’m gonna check it out.
Hey, here’s something easy to do (depending on the circumstance of course)….I found it on thedealbite.com, which is a website that sends daily tips on living green.
They say the following…”Should you ‘go’ before you go? If you wanna save a little CO2, use the airport lavatory, not the one on the plane, since the fuel used for every mile-high flush could run a car for 6 miles. Each lavatory visit emits 5.6 lbs of CO2 due to energy used flushing the toilet….as airplanes use powered vacuums, not gravity like toilets at home. “
Who knew???
Hemp clothing? You’re gonna have to convince me on that one. But I wouldn’t mind checking out clothing at Saks, produced by U2’s Bono, and his wife, who the article says hire family-run businesses in Africa and South America to make the garments!


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