Making my own cat food????????

Watching the Today Show this morning(I should have added that to my must-see list, as I watch it everyday), I saw a woman who was now making her own dogfood, after the pet food scare that has sickened and killed more animals than we presently know about. And not an easy death….animals that have grown sick over time, being slowly poisoned by their unknowing owners…and they’re left with thousands of dollars in vet bills. Horrifying enough to make you want to make your own pet food!
And I love my cats….

I have two, Wild Kitty, seen here with the raggedy ear, and Muffy, a little calico, a former barn kitten.
Wild Kitty wandered up about two years ago, and we first thought he was a feral cat(thus wild kitty), but I felt so sorry for him, foraging out in the cold, we began feeding him. SLowly over time, I realized he seemed tame….so tentatively…extremely tentatively, put down a hand to pet his head. A huge, rusty, purr burst from his chest, and he and I fell in love right then and there.
He’s a most unusual cat…big, always wants to be in your lap, and makes friends with anyone who comes through the front door. As a repairman remarked the other day, after Wild Kitty wouldn’t leave him alone…”He’s more like a dog than a cat.”
So true, even though I think it was thinly veiled insult to other cats….Wild Kitty is a love.
So I thought, maybe I could make their food…..and went to and found this…..
“Small cats? They’re designed to eat other animals. And they’re built to eat those animals raw. Cooking is the enemy of the nutrients and living enzymes that cats need to thrive. No, the cats living under our roof are hardly living in the wild, but biologically, they remain true carnivores. And their ideal diet would consist, for example, of freshly killed mice and small birds.”
OK, so far, not my cup of tea. I really doon’t have the time to kill birds and mice for them….I went on to find an actual recipe that calls for raw meat and bones, raw heart(for taurine), liver , egg yolks, salmon oil, kelp, vitamin E…..quite complicated. Forget it.
But they did make a good point, as my vet did when last year I brought in a FAT Wild Kitty, that dry cat food is not good for a cat. It’s not what they were intended to eat. So I have switched to all wet cat food…OK, with a few sprinkles of dry on top…hey, they like it! He did drop some flab.
AND, if I did make my own, WK and Muffy would be deprived of the sound they love most in the world….the pop!, the catfood can makes when it’s peeled off. It’s like my being deprived of my boo-boop sound off the DVR.


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