What’s on your tv???????

I am a little suspicious of people who say they “never watch tv”. Never, ever? First, I doubt their truthfulness, and then think, wow, what a lot of great stuff you’re missing (ok, and some crappy stuff…)
And then, there are people who make a point of telling me about their non-tv viewing, when they find I work in broadcasting. To me, that’s like saying to someone who works at Nordstrom’s, “Oh, I NEVER shop at Nordstrom’s”….kind of rude, really, when a simple “on, that must be interesting” would suffice. And I don’t really care if you watch tv or not. Ok, move on Donna.

I do think WHAT you watch says a lot about who you really are. As I told you yesterday, tivo makes you prioritize which shows are really important to you. If there are more than two at the same, you must choose. This is often painful. Here’s the top of my list these days, and yes, it has changed from last year….

24….Still great after all these years. Stan Stovall missed it this week, but I’m taking him a copy. We’re both addicted.
Ugly Betty…funny, funny really sharp and different comedy. Love America Ferrera!
30 Rock….another new, very witty show. Tracey Jordan and Alec Baldwin steal the show. Unlike Studio 60, it’s a show based on the tv comedy world that you want to see. See Studio 60 below, way below.
Heroes…I’m the only one in the house who likes it, but I think it is so unique from other programs, but can they sustain it? Or will it become “Lost”?
Friday Night Lights…Some people were disappointed by the lack of football action, but the storyline is terrific, and I love the coach and his family.
Living with Ed…an HGTV program featuring actor Ed Begley Jr….I’ve written about this show previously, but it’s funny and you can pick up some interesting green tips. Quirky, but I love it, and oddly, so does my 20 year old daughter!

MIDDLING SHOWS….on their way down or up, are the following:
Planet Earth…Just started this Sunday on Discovery HD, but spectacular! I think this will become a must see….give it a try.
The Riches…Quirky show about gypsies taking over someone else’s upscale life. I like it…on it’s way up my list, I think.
Brothers and Sisters…I like it, but not a must see.On the way down?
Medium…It’s first season, I adored this show, and I still like it very much. The family interplay is still first rate, I guess it has suffered from a “seen-it” effect.
CSI…I still enjoy the show, but….
Daily Show…still love Jon Stewart, but it does come on a lot, and can clog up the tivo a bit.
House….It’s always excellant and I always enjoy it when I see it, which is…sometimes.

Show that have fallen off my radar:
Studio 60….Much ballyhooed by NBC….Thought I’d love it, tivoed it, watched it at the first of the season, waiting for the love to come. It never did.That seemed to happen to lots of people.
Desperate Housewives….I don’t know what happened here. I really loved the show the first two seasons, but this season,I just haven’t watched.
Lost…This one hurts me, because I really loved the show the first two seasons, and was a devoted viewer. But this season I (and my dvr) missed the first episode, so I just never got on board. Haven’t seen one all season….and I survived anyway!!


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