Me and my "tivo"

Someone told me, a year or two ago, that having Tivo would change your life…change the way you watch television. I believe I scoffed at them….how is that possible?
Now, I know it is true. It is quite distressing to me today, to watch television without Tivo…which I did recently on vacation. So, so old school!
For those of you who don’t have it (and one day you will, mark my words), let me explain. It changes the way you watch tv…, no,no, someone else said that.
Actually the biggest change for me is that while I could NEVER record on a vcr, unless I was standing there to actually push the record button, which most often, deleted the need for the recording, now I can record, at will. Anything I want. Really. And it’s easy!
The other way thing that has changed is the ability to pause television at will. There was a time my mind couldn’t wrap itself around that concept. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? But it is, and the ability to watch a scene over again, because of purient interest value, or because you didn’t quite catch what someone said, is pricelss! Now when someone says’ “Did you see that?, and you didn’t, now you can…a thousand times , if you wish.
Now, I should clarify…I don’t really have Tivo. I use the term generically, like lots of people do, but my system, alas, isn’t Tivo. As I have Directv, my high def system is their HR-20….they left tivo behind. Why I could not tell you.
First, there is no boo-boop. That is the cute little sound made before, when I fast forwarded through something or rewatched something. I loved that sound. It has been silenced with the HR-20.
And something much more disturbing has been happening. Through certain shows, often 24…I don’t know why…the audio digitilizes, which sounds like a voice is digitally garbled, or the sound drops out commpletely for a few seconds. And it can do this a couple of times, OR render the program virtaully unwatchable.
I called Directv about my problem, and they agreeably sent a repairman to take a look at things. He said he had no clue as to what was happening…..maybe a glitch in the matrix, I asked. He gave me a thin smile.
But from what I read (oh yes, I googled my problem), I am not alone out there. Not even close! This seems to be, according to those who know more than I do about the subject, a dark side to the HR-20….this is Directv’s HD DVR recorder. It has “some problems”. Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. The answer? Unknown.
But last night I watched 24 with only a couple of glitches….no big problems. And even with some issues, watching tv with the system is sooooo much better than without. And my “tivo” has made me realize which shows are really important to me. It mades you priortize.And those decisions tell you who you really are.
Tomorrow I’ll share which shows are high on my list, the middling ones, and which have, sob, fallen off my radar completely.Why Lost, why?


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