Oh, for Pete’s sake…..

Perhaps it isn’t surprising, all the hubbub over John and Elizabeth Edwards continuing his presidential quest, in the face of her breast cancer returning. I heard many people commenting they would never consider continuing such a daunting activity as a political campaign, but then again, they are not the Edwards family. It takes a most unusual and driven person…and couple… to WANT to run for president anyway, so it’s kinda difficult to imagine being them.
But if I found I had cancer today, or member of family did, would I quit my job and stop carrying on my life as I know it? No, I wouldn’t. I think I would try to maintain my career, and my activities and my family life as normal….even though there would no doubt be some interruptions. And it seems, that’s what John and Elizabeth Edwards are doing, even though their lives involve the presidential campaign trail, something most of us cannot imagine.
Would it be my decision or yours? Maybe not, but it is theirs. And I wish her and her children all the best.
What columnist Ann Landers used with some frequency comes to mind, when people would write in concerning themselves with other people’s lives….MYOB….for those who never read Ann Landers….mind your own business.

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