Sunshine, and sore muscles…..

Saturday, in that dreary, chilly half rain, I could not resist the siren call of Home Depot’s garden department. Oh, I wasn’t alone. There were a few other sad sacks, wishing spring into existence with the very act of buying flowers and plants. I bought some pansies…periwinkle blue…and some other little things I don’t know the name of, but like the looks of.
Having made the mistake of wearing my little thin soled black flats….what did I think the weather was, anyway….I was gingerly sidestepping puddles, and thinking, what as I doing here? But I convinced myself I should go ahead and buy some plants, it was supposed to be sunny tomorrow. At least I have the plants in hand and the buying is done…on to planting.
So I bought, and left them in the car, deciding they’d be happier there overnight than out in the cold.
This afternoon, with spring much more in the air than yesterday, I go to it. Planted the front window boxes(and they look pretty, a nice mix of the pansies and the others I don’t know), and some pots in the back. And grabbed a pretty, fern…nothing says warm weather like a fern. I’m looking at it right now out the back garden, blowing gently in the wind, right by the “water feature”, as they say in England. A couple of years ago we added one in the back…I love the sound of trickling water, though several people have told me it makes them go to the bathroom. There’s medication for that, I replied.
Whatever, spring is springing…almost…I know, I know, we could still get snow, most probably a frost. I don’t care!! I am willing spring to be here…NOW. And in my garden, with some sweat equity, it looks a little more like that is true. My back assures me it is. I’m so ready for spring.


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