It’s a winner!! Actually two winners!!

I told you I would report back about Dogwood Deli on 36th St. in Hampden. Three words for you…..they get it. There are those establishments who seem to understand what people are looking for when they eat out. Good food, nice surroundings, competent, friendly service. It seems like such a simple formula reallly, that it’s surprising more can’t accomplish it. Dogwood does.
They took the funky, “quaint” interiors of Mamie’s(which had a pretty nice vibe) and streamlined them into a modern, subdued yet colorful room, with lots of candles.(I am a candle lover.)
And the food? Well last week one night after working a little late, I stopped by their gourmet to go, and picked up two Rosemary-Peppered Roast Beef and Blue sandwiches. Grass fed beef from Pa, roasted and siced thin, served on ciabatta bread, topped with apricot horseradish chutney, blud cheese and thyme grilled onions, servd warm. Ab Fab.(absolutely fabulous for those of you who’ve never seen the show.) Price: $8.10 each…not cheap but worth the price.
Dinner last night started with a glass of the wine I had bought earlier at Well’s Liquors wine sale going on….a pinot grigio….Right now Dogwood does not have a liquor license, though it’s in the works, so you’re free to bring your own!!
Started with four grilled Chesapeake oysters($11.75)…topped with sauteed spinach, local smoked bacon and grain mustard-chevre sauce. What a terrific combination of flavors…but you could still taste the oysters. Then on to lamb shank braised in guiness(26.50) and seared wild Chesapeake rockfish with crabcake($21.00). Both really, really excellant. The rockfish was soooooooo tender.
You’ll find all Dogwood’s menus online.Great dinner. And you know what’s really nice? Their mission is to provide natural food from local suppliers and farmers they trust, use as much organic as possible,and treat their employees right. Chef Galen Sampson was, by the way, the Executive Chef at Harbor Court for 9 years….and owning his own restaurant has been a dream of his and wife Bridget, for a long time. Bridget is the “face” of Dogwood….and so nice.
OK, the movie! The Shooter, starring Mark the hunkster Wahlberg. I give it a solid B, maybe a B plus. Good plot with twist and turns, plenty of action scenes(natch), even a little romance thrown in….I really enjoyed it. Saw it at the Rotunda, which oddly, didn’t have it on the marqee outside, but it is playing there. There was this one scene tha I found amusing….our hero is having a bullet cut out of his shoulder, the camera is overhead gazing down him on the bed, naughty bits covered discreetly by a small towel….and the only light is a bedside lamp, which does admittedly throw his admirable musculature into relief quite beautifully…but come on….she has no light to operate by! Just kinda funny.


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