Moving Day!!! The joy and the ugh…..

Here at WBAL….we are moving into a brand new newsroom, as the first part of a total building renovation. I’m sorry to gloat, truly I am… but I’m really, really glad we get to move into new digs first!!
Now, here’s the thing. Where we have been, on the first floor, is being transferred up to the second floor, so down here is …today totally trashed, though that’s where the newscasts are being produced from today. I mean really, awfully, dustily, dirtily, stuff-all-over-the-place…trashed. You know the look when you move. And you wouldn’t believe all the old pictures, plaques, tapes, books that people (including me, have saved, for reasons unknown.)
Not that I’m complaining…..far from it. I can’t wait to get up to a new modern, high ceilinged, plasma-screen looking, fancy bathroomed second floor. Where we have been forever, is…how to put this delicately and inoffensively. Modest? No,no, that’s not honest. Old-school? Still, too nice. Oh, for Pete’s sake, it was kind of a pit, OK? Just an OLD, kinda dirty newsroom. I feel like I’m going to heaven!
And the new bathrooms! Our bathrooms here hadn’t been renovated, since the building went up in 1962 (I think)… know the look. REAL vintage. Now, the new bathrooms look like restrooms in a really upscale hotel in Scottsdale(as one person put it, but I thought it was accurate)…gorgeous tile and fixtures. I may move into one.
And, it’s Friday! You know how I feel about Friday. I’m gonna eat out tonight at the Dogwood Deli restaurant on 36th St. in Hampden….I’ll let you know how it is…..and seeing The Shooter with Mark Wahlburg….love him! I saw the Sun gave it a B-….so for an action movie, which critics often don’t like it seems to me, that’s not too bad of a review. I’m in.


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