Update: I am just so mad!!

I received several kind emails about what happened to my Mom over the weekend….like this one from a similarly outraged viewer….

“I read Donna Hamilton’s Blog often and really enjoy it. It is usually very informative and today’s hit close to home. I wish that someone would go further with the way our senior citizens get taken across. The piece on NBC didn’t touch the tip of the iceburg. What happened to Donna’s Mom is outrageous and I trust they catch the dirty thief and prosecute to the fullest. A few years ago I had an elderly aunt and uncle that were as close to me as parents. A woman from their church started to spend time with them and before I knew it she had their power of attorney, had them change their will, and finally distance themselves from me and my family. When they passed away she inherited practically everything including a substantial amount of money and some family heirlooms. So this is just another way that the elderly are getting taken and you normally don’t see it coming until it is too late.”

Yes, taking advantage of the elderly, is all to easy for many people. They are vulnerable. My Mom, by the way is feeling a little better about the whole sad thing.Still no arrest. I don’t know that she will ever trust someone in her home again, though we have begged her to allow more help….and now this.
But she is a tough little lady, who’s been through plenty in her life, one of the “greatest generation” don’t you know. She doesn’t whine a lot, just picks herself up and moves on. I hope I am like her in that regard….resilient….because you never knows what’s around the corner.


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