eyelash extension feedback….

Got these emails on my lashes….first from Danielle…
“I thought something was different. I was saying to myself she looks great ! And then I logged on the site and looked at her blog for today. Donna the eye lash job looks GREAT !!! go girl”
and this from Sue…
” Please let Donna Hamilton know how much I enjoy her “almost” daily blogs. Because Donna mentioned it in her column, I have discovered what a great asset we have in the Charles Theater, new catelog companies, some great new places to visit in NYC and new permanent fake eyelashes (they look great by the way) among other things. Through her writings on a variety of subjects, Donna reassures the rest of us that “everybody” goes through the challenges of meeting ordinary life. “

Thank, you , thank you, thank you all, but I have to give all the credit to Natalie at About Faces Canton, who painstakingly put them on, one by one. I unfortunately, have lost 3 of them already, inspite of being VERY careful taking off makeup. That means a trip back in a week or so to have some replacements put on. Which is, by the way, the process. They aren’t permanant, and do fall off gradually, so you go back every few weeks to get a few replaced. But it’s fun not to have to bother with mascara!!


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