the yin and yang of vacation

I have been a terrible blogger this week, though I tried …. I really did. But I was on vacation…having a little slice of paradise on the Isle of Palms, just outside of Charleston. I have some interesting things to share with you about that trip….which will come later. But today, an observation about vacation that I have learned over many. many years of vacations.
First, all vacations are good…it’s just a matter of degree. I have had some holidays that still shine in my memory like they were yesterday, we had such a great time. Home Ranch in Colorado, High Hampton Inn in Cashiers NC, the lake in Alabama….just some really great times. Others, just so-so. Like the week I decided to stay home and not go anywhere. I almost went crazy.
Second, how difficult re-entry to regular life is, is irectly proportional to the degree of excellance of the vacation. In other words, if the vacation is pretty good…you know, it was nice but not great, it’s not that hard going home and back to work. But on the other hand, if you have gone somewhere the food is unbelievable, the weather is uniformly amazing, the place you’re staying drop dead gorgeous, I won’t lie….it is…painful…to leave all that and re-enter REAL LIFE.
That is the way I feel today. When we got back to Baltimore yesterday…leaving a balmy Charleston in the rear view mirror, things had SNOW ON Them! It was cold. My flip-flops were not the right footgear. I needed a coat! Ugh……
Maybe tomorrow will be better, but right now I feel a touch, just a touch of depression. Was vacation worth it?
You bet it was……


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