HOT yoga!!

The instructor is hot….and so is the guy two people to the left of me. I mean they are both those beautiful bod people…you know, hot. But in this yoga class, everyone is hot, literally. Over in the corner there is a heater blowing steamy hot air into the room on purpose.
My son and his girlfriend Jennifer are visiting us, and she has brought us both to this hot yoga class. Somewhat willingly. I introduced her to yoga a year or two ago, and she is now officially a yoga “nut”. Goes to class maybe 6 times a week! That’s dedication.
And I on the other hand, haven’t practiced as much as I should.(Ok, not at all in the last 6 months). So this class is not only sweating out the toxins that have gathered in my body, it is also reintroducing my hamstrings to being really, really stretched, beyond, way beyond, what’s normal. Now we’re all sweating, and my poor son is right in the direct path of the blow of hot steamy air. People are slipping on their yoga mats, shorts are and shirts are soaked through(at least on the hot guy)…we nicknamed him “beautiful bod. Another person THEY nicknamed “old guy”, though I think he is younger than me, is breathing really hard….the instructor keeps an eagle eye on him as we groan through downward dogs, and warrior poses. Finally shavasana….that sweet release where you can just lie on your back, and do…..absolutely nothing. Oddly, this is very hard for some people, but not me. I love it.
Namaste, all. I honor the spirit within you!


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