Catalogue of catalogues

I don’t know if they’ve found you, but they have most certainly found me. The catalogue companies. This has probably happened because I do shop online, especially around the holidays. I love it. Saves me soooo much time, and you can usually find some good deals. But now they know where I live, and clearly they have shared the information with friends they think I might like as well.
On any give day I will get several catalogues, sometimes as many as a dozen or more!! Seriously.
And I’m constantly getting new ones in from companies that I have never heard of….like Arthur Lauer Wood Classics, who features “inspired outdoor living”. Hmmmmm…pretty stuff, let’s see just how inspired their outdoor living really is. Uh-oh, an outdoor living room…outdoor sofa….$1600. Paying for it…priceless!
Here’s Viva Terra, an eco living magazine (they proably know I will recycle their catalogue)….featuring bamboo bedding! I know that sounds painful, but supposedly, these sheets made form bamboo are the softest ever. Or perhaps a recycled etched glass decanters, or a Yes!Bag? …That’s a handbag makde from fabric scraps.
Then there are my old friends….Ballard Designs Boden…pretty and reasonable clothing from London…CB2, “the new mix”(this is another version of Crate and Barrel)and they’ve evidently all about “breaking the quote unquote rules of modern”….”Have fun with fusion”.Ummmm ok.
Brocade-this is a newbie which proclaims “let there be light, let there be light”. Not surprisingly, the furniture on its pages are all in shades of beige and white. Eddie Bauer (nuff said), Park seed , for gardeners. Charles Tyrwhitt, mostly men’s clothing from England, Ann Taylor…Ross and Simons(jewelry-I ordered a pair of earrings from them along ago, but they haven’t given up on me) ,Skinstore, “where science and beauty click”.
Neiman Marcus, “white haute style”, whatever that means.
Pier one kids, “where beauty sleep is made easy”.
Rugs Direct (leave out the middle man),Naturalizer Shoes,
J. Crew, Wiliams and Sonoma Home, Peruvian Connection (I know that sounds a little shady but they sell alpaca stuff from Peru, I ordered a sweater 20 years ago but they’ve never forgotten me, Soft Surroundings, “my time, my place, myself”, clearly it’s all about ME!!
I could go on, but I have to put this stuff in the recycling bin.

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