batting my eyelash extensions!!

Today, I’m going to a local salon…About Faces, to get longer eyelashes! I’ve always been eyelash challanged…none of those long silky fringes that romance authors love to talk about for me. Mine are kinda short.
And long eyelashes are all the rage, in tv at least. So may women the air wear the fakes….but they are such a bother! I can do them, but if you don’t place them just right, it ruins your eyemakeup, which has taken some time to apply, and now you’re behind schedule. Keep in mind being ON schedule is key in tv….as the newscast starts at 5:00 whether you’re ready or not.
So, when a producer asked if I would be interested in being a guinea pig for getting eyelash extensions, I leapt at it, like a starving woman. Count me in!!(I know, what a tough job, getting eyelash extensions…hey someone has to do it…)
They do take some time to apply…about two hours I’m told, so some patience is required. That, I have tons of… check them out on the air tonight at five! The story won’t air for a while but readers of my blog, will get to see them in action early. If I bat my lashes a lot tonight, I know you’ll understand….
And as an aside, if you missed Tim Tooten’s and John Sanders’ Maryland in Africa last night, it’s airing again on Sunday at noon. Now there’s something on tv that really does deserve the connotation “encore presentation”….the latest tv term for a rerun. The photography is spectacular, the storytelling first class, and the story of these people who left America as slaves so long ago to find freedom in Africa, and what has happened there since, is truly captivating. I promise you aa half hour well spent.


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