I got spammed…a lot!!

Went to see the Broadway hit Spamalot last night at the Hippadrome. There are so many reasons you should make an effort to see this show.
Reason 1. It is drop dead funny. Now, I am a big fan of Monty Python…and that John Cleese kind of Holy Grail humor, but even if you aren’t familiar with Monty Python, I guarantee you will laugh out loud….bunches.
Reason two. Pia Glenn, who plays the Lady of the Lake. Oh, my goodness, when she belted out The Diva’s Lament…..which goes something like “What happened to my part? I’ve been backstage way too long”, I thought I would cry. My Friend Claire and I both laughed ourselves silly. There is two hours that truly flies by. If you get a chance, GO!
Reason 3. The Hippadrome. I’m betting there are still lots of you who just haven’t gotten around to going to a show there. Your loss, my friend. The restored buiding is so gorgeous, and such a pleasure to see a performance there….it’s worth the trip all by itself.
By the way, there are places to eat open around…Charles Street restaurants are only minutes away, but if you want to park, eat and see a show, try Memsahib . It’s a little Indian restaurant just up the street on Eutaw, located in the corner of the Lexington Market, right by the little outdoor parking lot next to the market. You can park there for 8 bucks and you can get out far quicker than parking in the Hippadrome parking deck. Memsahib food is quite good… I’ve eaten there several times, and yes, you will feel perfectly safe. And just across the street is Maggy Moore’s Irish Pub. Looks really pretty from the outside, but I haven’ eaten there yet.
Go get spammed…..


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