A truly momentous weekend!!!

Something big happened this weekend…really big, as in first time in a loooooong time. I got my taxes in on time. Disappointed? Don’t be….just be happy for me.
Here’s an ugly little secret about me…I don’t like financial details. Perhaps I’m not all that unusual even. I know these things have to be done, that the details of life have be dealt with or the ship grinds to a halt. As Ed Begley,Jr. says on his show “Living wiith Ed”….he refers to their home as a ship…his wife likes to keep everything on the “promenade deck” pretty, but he has to deal with things in the engine room..i.e., the more unpleasant, distinctly non-glamorous details of keeping a household running. I know the feeling. Unfortunately, neither of us likes that stuff too much, but nature hates a vaccum, so I have filled that space.
And I if I say so myself,I’m pretty good at it too, and have become maddenenly detail oriented(at least my family would tell you)about things that NEED TO BE DONE! I mean, someone has to tend too these things, right? Making appointments, calling repair services, paying bills, keeping up with accounts, etc….it has to be done.
But getting the taxes ready for our long suffering accountant Steve Freiman has been my last holdout. The poor man has pleaded, cajoled, begged….even got close to threatening one time. But this year I have suprised him. All the flotsam and jetsam that make up our financial life, are in his office this morning, waiting for him. Actually it was taken over Saturday and while he said he was working that Saturday(April 15th just around the corner, you know)….he had already left for home. So it went through the mail slot, a big, fat, kelly green folder…thought the green was a nice, hopeful touch….and when he gets in this morning, he just may faint.
Ok, all the stuff is in(I think)…now wish me luck on the results.


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