Today is a good day…really good…

First off, it feels like spring. Yes I know, this weekend it will get colder, and yes, winter isn’t over, blah, blah, blah, but you know what I mean. It’s a taste of what’s to come..and I can’t wait for spring!
Second….it’s Friday, and to me that is always reason to celebrate. (As I have noted before, it may not be your Friday but it’s mine, and no one can take that away from me!)
Third…Book is over. For those of you who aren’t in tv or advertising, book is when you are in ratings. Now, this can be a quite intense time for many of us….and lots of people work very, very hard to make sure we win. It’s important, as it is how ad rates are set. (You know…$$$$$$$$$) And I must admit, we did very, very well. That’s not bragging, just fact.
I don’t really get caught up in ratings day to day…. others do that because they like it, and some do it because it’s their job to do so, but for me, I have a general sense of what’s going on rating-wise, as people talk about it, but I don’t follow it closely. Here’s why….there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Nothing! If you see that you didn’t do too well one newscast, you think, gee was it something I was wearing, a story they didn’t like, which story, etc. What I CAN do it my best each day…day in and day out, wheter you’re in book or not. And if you do that, no matter how the numbers fall at the end of the book, you know you left it all on the table, that you did the very best you could, and that’s all anyone can ask. (I think).
But when book is over and you were fortunate to come out ahead, it’s a nice languid feeling around the newsroom. YOu know, like you felt when it was a pretty Friday and you did well on test…remember? That will last about one day, because another book is just around the corner, don’t you know.


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