Where’s my cell phone?

Ok, it’s officially panic time. Called the company that installed a new ac/heat pump system last summer….this morning, the heat pump is making a sound like it’s about to take off into orbit, and gave them my cell phone number to call when a repairman is on the way. And then I thought, just where is my cell phone..not on the counter, like it normally is. Oh, probably in my coat pocket…carry it there lots of times. But, no.
Ok, time to call it…..ring, ring ring….I get the message…..”You have reached the voice mailbox of” ….me! Ok, maybe I left it in the car…get the keys, trudge to the car, but it’s not in sight. So I trudge back to othe house, get a phone, back to the car and call it while sitting in the car. Nothing.
Ok, where are you, little red razor phone? You and I are just getting to know each other, and already you’re on the lam? My old cell phone never did that.
Oh, perhaps you’re sitting somewhere right now….(maybe on my desk at work?), or in the WBAL bathroom, thinking really bad things about me. “O, sure she says she loves me, but when push comes to shove, I see who gets left behind. Ooh sure, blogged about my beauty, but where is she now?”
I’m sorry little phone…I’m coming….No matter where you are, stay alive, I will find you !!
Oh goodness, my eye is starting to twitch…a sure sign of cellphone withdrawal….


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