red razor followup……

The last you heard, I was imploring my new cell phone to stay alive…..that I would find it. Here’s what happened…About 20 minutes after publishing my blog,(yes, that’s right, I’m a publisher, even though it only means clicking on the publish logo, for those of you not blogalacious)….sorry, 20 minutes after publishing my blog, the phone rang. I answered the upstairs phone, which doesn’t have caller id (so old school), and a piping voice on the other end said, “Hi, this is your cell phone calling”…..
Now, I was pretty certain my cellphone, no matter how beautiful, is not that technologically sophisticated to actually CALL ME. And the voice on the other end sounded like my daughter at school. But my brain, racing, thinks, there is no way possible she reads my blog, and much less right now, as she is not up this early…ever. So I squeak,”who is this?”…..and get a big laugh on the line. It’s Stacey, the early morning EP(executive producer), who does some blogging herself on The Breakfast Blog ( and clearly doesn’t have enough to do), saying they were reading and laughing about my cell phone (laughing at my anguish? they’ll pay for that), so Stacey decided to go over to my desk and see if was indeed there. And of course, there it was..all sad and forgotten. So, she called me. Pretending to be my cellphone.
As if I would ever fall for that…thanks Stac…


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