More Hydrangea Envy

This from Susan….

This is for Donna Hamilton … Donna read your blog about hydrangea’s (.sp?) and the reason you don’t get blooms year after year is because you cut the next year’s blooms off … hydrangea’s only produce blooms on “old wood” … so if you take cuttings, you’re taking next year’s blooms with you … admire from the outside … bring few into the home … and you’ll have loads of flowers … “

Susan, I don’t think so, because I’ve never really gotten blooms…just greenery. And I don’t cut them back in the winter because I think this one blooms on old wood…it may have something to do with freezing temps early in season. I’m not sure…..I am simply a failure at hydrangeas!

Donna, I’m so sorry … I have them all along the front of my home … I think about 8 or 9 plants … big ones, so big my husband wants me to cut them back but I won’t; don’t want to trim away this year’s flowers … I do use a product from QVC on them ( or 1-800-345-1515) … can’t hurt to try it … and then watch your plants go crazy … I have to say, mine did … the blooms were scarce and then I saw this product on qvc so I decided to try it … last year, I got so many blooms that the stems layed over … I’ll order it for you, if you tell me the address of the station, I’ll have it delivered to you … you’re certainly welcome to come by and cut some, if you’d like …

Susan, I’m gonna order some!! It can’t hurt, and I’ll try anything…I do really love them. And tell your hubbie he’s crazy!! Let the hys grow wild and free….and be careful what you offer…I could be lurking around your house this summer, with a pair of garden shears….


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