snow, oscars, and auctions….

What a beautiful sight outside….even though I was and am ready for spring, this is my favorite kind of snow…..that fluffy stuff that coats tree limbs, bushes, and garden structures like cotton.
Drove through it yesterday to get to the Center Stage Auction, to be one of their guest auctioneers…hopefully they made lots of money, selling off trips, fishing lessons, wedding gowns, jewelry, crabs, you name it, it was auctioned off. And Center Stage presents such terrific theatre…if you haven’t been, you must! Not only are the tickets actually reasonably priced, I love the shows. Death of a Maiden and Three Sisters, both of which I saw this season, are some of the most memorable productions I’ve seen in a long long time, and in a smaller more initimate theatre setting. Check out their website….
Last night had a tiny oscar party….pomegranite martinis , prime rib, mmmmmm-mmmmm. Love, really love Helen Mirren’s dress. It’s one of the biggest challanges for someone who isn’t 20 or 30 anymore,(and I know), to find a dress that flatters, is appropriate for you, but still beautiful and glamorous. Mirren was a knockout, and always so elegant. (Yes, I have a girl crush on Helen.)And if you haven’t seen the Queen yet…you have to go soon. I have seen it twice and would happily watch it again, and probably will.
Got to get the recycling out(an Inconvenient Truth won best documentary remember…ok, AIT to those in the know!)…cans and bottles today…I hope they come in spite of the snow, ’cause I’m on my way out the door, dragging it through the snow!


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