No More O.C.?

My daughter called me from college crying last night….actually weeping, after seeing the last episode of The O.C..Now, here is a show we have both loved for several years….soap opera, sure, but a very cool one, with fabulous clothes and hair, and really wonderful characters. There was even a test once that you could take to see which character you were most like. (It said I was most like the flawed vixen Julie, but I was pretty certain I most resembled the beauteous, almost always wise and virtuous Kirsten.)
The OC always featured really interesting music from many indie bands that became pretty famous because of the show along the way….and yes, I bought some of the soundtracks. Geekie? I don’t care…
Well, last night was the final episode…The OC is no more….I didn’t see it, but knew that Tivo had my back. As my daughter was, through her tears, revealing some of what happened in the finale, I pleaded with her not to tell too much, and reasssured her that life as we know it, would indeed go on, and there will be other shows, etc.
But this morning, I looked through my “list”… that’s the list of shows that are waiting to be watched recorded on the dvr, and….no OC from last night. NO OC FROM LAST NIGHT , DID YOU HEAR ME????
Yeah, who’s crying now?


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