Saving the Senator

If you’ve never gone to the Senator Theatre on York Road, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about….I mean, why go to an old theater WITHOUT STADIUM SEATING, which seems to be a necessary commodity for movie goers today. But for me, the Senator provides a step back into the past, in the most wonderful way. A fabulous lobby, real butter on the popcorn, and 900 seats, art deco bathrooms, a huge screen with all the modern blandishments like dolby surround sound. It is really an experience to see a movie there. No multiplex can really compare to it. Just try it, even if you have to drive a way, and you’ll seee what I mean.
And as an added note, owner Tom Kiefaber is the nicest guy in the world, a man truly devoted to keeping the Senator alive…it’s his life mission.
I’ve seen so many movies there over the years, and this state would lose a part of its soul, if we just let it slip away. So if you can, write a check, a little one or even better a big one(you can also dontate through paypal, and help preserve the Senator for those who will come behind you. You can take your kids or grandkids there, and say, “this is what it was like going to the moveis when I was a kid.”
Oh, and the movie playing there right now “Music and Lyrics”, starring Hugh Grant (my favorite) and Drew Barrymore, is really a terrific film. Noting heavy, just a really sweet, really funny romantic comedy, that will have you leaving the theatre happier, especially if you know that the Seantor will still be there for the next film.

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