Peanut butter and jelly anyone??

It’s the craziest story we’ve covered in a while( no wait, I can think of several crazier than this one)…but still you must admit it is unusual. Peanut butter making people sick?? It is the one staple you always thought just sat there, safe and sound on a shelf, unrefrigerated, but now, at least for one brand, it is the source of salmonella. We continue to get emails from viewers, thanking us for our coverage. Many of them had been sick several times, and just thought they had a virus, but now think it was the peanut butter.
Salmonella is usually associated with undercooked eggs and poultry,raw meat, but there have been cases of ususual foods contaminated with it…like raw almonds and tahini, of all things.And sometimes the source of the infection is never found. Here are some of the emails we’ve received:

“My husband and I are so thankful to you for telling us about the tainted peanut butter! I found “no sugar added” Peter Pan peanut butter which we were really excited about, so I bought 3 jars! However, we haven’t opened them yet, and I just checked to find that they have the numbers 21116 on them. I will be returning the lids to the address you have listed for us. We are forever indebted to you. Keep up the great work!”
“I am a another victim of the Peter Pan Pain in the stomach. I thought that I was getting a bad case of the stomach virse every month since Novemeber 2006. It was the flu season and a lot of that was going around. I had moved to a new work station and complained that since I was there I had the stomach virus three times. Just last week I had to sit in someone elses cube, so I used Lysole to wipe down everything for fear of getting sick again. Well last Friday night my husband began having very bad pains in the stomach and a bad case of diahrrea and I followed shortly after. We were both weak and tired. We stayed on soup and crackers for a few days until we got better and then was careful of what we ate for a week. The night before we had a snack that we eat a couple times a month. PEANUT BUTTER AND CRACKERS. I decided to look at the lid of the jar of Peter Pan that I have in my cabinet and low and behold I found the numbers 2111. “
” hi, I am a 77 yr old female, I have 1 jar of nearly finished Peter Pan Peanut Butter with the starting numbers of 2111, I have my 10 yr old grandson that lives with me, we have recently experienced what appearted to be repeated bouts of 24 hr stomach viruses that also caused my grandson to lose time from school, but not bad enough to see a doctor, but after hearing this thing about the Peter Pan Peanut Butter scare, now I know what to link our stomach illnesses to. Just wanted to contact you and let you know that I have become another Peter Pan Peanut Butter sufferer along with my 10 yr old grandson.”


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