Who Moved My Cheese??

Or rather, who ate my cheese….
One of my Alabama sisters, sent us an ususual Christmas gift this year. A can of cheese. Yes, a can of cheese.
Before it arrived, she told me that something was headed our way, and to put it in the frig until Christmas. I did, and on Christmas unwrapped this 1 lb. 14 oz. can of Natural Cougar Gold Cheese…It’s made at Washington State University. They have their own creamery, whose goal is to provide research and teaching opportunities, and financial support to students. They started putting cheese in cans in the 1930s, because there was no plastic yet, and wax cracked. And they still put it in cans!
On their website(http://cougarcheese.wsu.edu/wsu/shop#) you can order cheese…Cougar Gold being the favorite, a really nice, nutty cheddar, but they also make smokey cheddar, sweet basil, and hot pepper.
I was a little skeptical about cheese in a can, I won’t lie, but it is soooo yummy, and now, after any number of grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs with cheese, the can is empty, only a few cheddar crumbs left. The last chunk of it was happily consumed this morning. Time to order more canned cheese. I’ll recycle the can, though there are amusing ideas on things to make with the leftover cans on the creamery website….


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