something rotten in Denmark, I mean my freezer…

I really feel for all of you who have been without power the last few freezing days…Having spent one weekend without heating oil, during a snowstorm weekend a few years back, I remember how awful it was with no heat…but at least we had electricity!!!
But I had a very tiny slice of what happens without power this week. I have a spare refrigerator/freezer downstairs in the basement…just for extra stuff, and it’s nice to have the extra space when you need it. And if I find meat on sale, that’s where it goes, in that freezer.
Yesterday, I opened the spare refrigerator door and no light came on, and I quickly realized it was…oh please tell me it isn’t but it is……room temperature. Obviously there had been no power to it for some while and I just hadn’t opened the fridge!! There was only some soda and beer in the frig…no problem, but with a deep feeling of dread, I opened the freezer. Ohmigoodnesswhatasmell!!!! Some formerly nice steaks, a couple of pork loins and chicken breasts…all rotting and spilling their smelly juices everywhere. Trust me when I tell you that if this has never happened to you(and it never had to me either), it is truly disgusting. I enlisted my husband to get all the putrid stuff out…that’s what husbands do, am I right ladies? Then it was my part of the task to clean it out. Nasty business, that. Now it’s airing out, and hopefully….hopefully, it won’t smell when we replug it and close the doors.
I never did figure out how it came unplugged from the wall, but clearly it pays to check it every few days. And I fervently hope all of you have your power back, and soon!


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