Valentine’s addendum II

Ok last night I was leaving work to go home and tried to make a couple of calls on my cell phone….and I kept getting the same message…”Your account cannot be validated.” Wow, had I somehow neglected paying my bill? Surely not….and no, that wasn’t the case.
So I called my provider and FINALLY got an operator, told them of my issue, and after providing all the appropriate info, she told me “Your information has been transferred to a new phone”.
“That’s not possible”, I replied…I’m looking at the same old phone I’ve had since….well, forever it seems like. (I should add my daughter makes fun of me because of she considers an antiquated cell phone, but hey, it works.)
The operator assured me my information had indeed been transferred to a new account. That really scared me…identity theft? Someone using my name and account number???
But then she said something about a red razor phone….and it hit me. It was a Valentine’s gift…I had admired that very phone just a couple of weeks ago…
I told the operator that it must be a gift…she laughed and said, “yes it is, but please, act like it’s a surprise!”
And it is cute, and part of the money goes to help prevent aids in Africa, part of the RED campaign…As soon as I figure out how to work all its tricky little functions, I’ll call you!

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