How many light bulbs does it take to change the world?

One…only one. That is, if you are changing one regular light bulb for one CFL. What’s a CFL? A compact flourescent light…the funny-looking ones that kind of look like an ice cream cone. Some people call them the swirl. Whatever you call them, you shoul be putting them in your home (and businesses). For a long time the CFL didn’t give what consumers wanted….good, bright steady light. But now they do, and while they are a little more expensive in the short run….say about 3 bucks a bulb, man will they save you (and the earth) in the long run.
Get this…if every house in America exchanged one regular bulb for a swirl, in terms of greenhouse gases not emitted, it would be like taking one MILLION cars off the road. Or the energy saved would be enough to power a city of one and half million people!!
OK, let’s say you don’t care about all that..(although I would be personally disappointed in you), let’s just say you care about saving yourself some dough. You can, and my BGE bill is proof. Last January, my household used 2108 hours of KWH….and this year we dropped to 1497.That’s close to a third less energy consumed!
Nothing has changed except the use of CFLs. I still have a few lamps to go, but I intend to complete the changeover today…and save more money!
And I’m not the only one saving money…Walmart is beginning a big push of the CFL bulbs and have started using them in their 3000 stores. They’re saving six million dollars a year in energy costs.
Buy some swirl bulbs today and see for yourself. And in case you are interested in just how great this is for the environment, check out Fast Companny Magazine at, issue 108. Learn a little, and save a lot. One lightbulb at time.


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