R.I.P. Anna Nicole

Wow, it’s the saddest thing watching this beautiful woman slur her speech on a tv appearance over and over, Anna Nicole fat, Anna Nicole thin….what a tragic life she has led, by her own choice, some of it, everything she did distorted in the glare of the public spotlight. Now she’s dead, just months after her 20 year old son died(in her hospital room), and who’s left behind a helpless 5 month old daughter, whose paternity has not been established. Can you imagine the horrible fight over the deed to this child, as she will be the inheritor of whatever Anna Nicole leaves behind. And depending on the final result of the court case over the estate of her late wealthy elderly, husband…it could be plenty.
At least this little baby will have no idea what’s going on, but surely, surely, someone with her best interest in mind will step forward, or be assigned to her case for her own protection. Am I too hopeful?
I think it was a bit hard yesterday for many news operations deciding how to deal with this story. It was breaking, and it was one of those stories that elicits a “No, you’re kidding!” kind of response. But in the end most people probably led with it…we did…and most newspapers had it some form or another on their front page. It was a big story…not because what she did in life made her so noteworthy, but I think, because the bizarre facets of her life made her a larger than life tragedy/joke/celebrity. And she was beautiful…one can never overlook the fascination the world has with beautiful women, espeicially flawed beautiful women.
There have been plenty of comparisons made to Marilyn Monroe, another woman exploited in life and exploited in death. But Anna Nicole’s tragic life is over….now the death exploitation part of her legacy begins. And somewhere there is a little baby girl, without her Mom, such as she was. I hope someone kind is taking care of her.


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