News from a fruit flusher!

Wow, is it cold outside! Has anyone else noticed that when it is this cold, you really want to eat more, and things that are well…kind of like the bloomin’ onion that we had on the air a couple of nights ago….2200 hundred calories and over 100 grams of fat? Yikes!!
I usually eat a salad at lunch with part of a can of salmon on top….and I love it. But it hasn’t seemed so appealing to me this week…not sure if it is the cold outside, or the fact that I’ve had a bad cold and a cough. Maybe both. Anyway, if you need some inspiration, here’s an email from a woman who joined the Fruit Flush diet last November…and she’s kept her good eating habits….You go Debbie!

I just wanted to give you another update. It has been 3 months, and I have lost just about 20 pounds. It is not easy, but I am sticking to it 3/4 of the time! I have continued to eat wise and carefully. There are days when it really is a struggle to stay focused, but it is also rewarding to start really making necessary adjustments in my diet. I do miss the crackers, cookies, chips, cheese, etc from time to time…But I allow myself to have them in small doses! I have realized that a small, s-l-o-w eating of a “bad food” will help stave the desire if it is that strong. One day at a time. That’s all it is, One day at a time. I started at 201 – shortly after returning to Texas from a Maryland visit before Thanksgiving. I am now at 181 just before Valentine’s Day! Hurray!
Thanks Donna. I’ll be back to Maryland in April, watching WBAL with my family! See you on TV then!
Debbie in Texas

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