The ellipsis dot dot dot…

OK, I’ve been outed, as a possibly incurable ellipsis user…and ellipsisaholic…a chronic over-ellipsiser, but I can’t stop!
My colleague and friend, the lovely Deborah Weiner, told me this morning how much she was enjoying my blog. And then she said, “I see you’re as fond of the ellipsis as I am“. I think I had a pretty blank stare on my face when I replied,”What’s an ellipsis?” You have to give me a little credit…not for my ignorance, I have no excuse for that. But I was honest. Oh, sure I could have played it off, laughed at the remark, and then run and looked it up.
And as soon as she said…”dot, dot, dot“, I knew she really had read my blog. Because I am excessively fond of the…ellipsis.
Here’s what says about it. ” The ellipsis shows that the writer or speaker has simply “trailed off” into silence, deliberately leaving something unsaid: “. It’s certainly difficult to trail off into silence in a written sentence, or so it seems to me. Perhaps I lack imagination. I use the ellipsis to indicate a pause in speech…and a bad habit.
Oh, who am I kidding, I’m not giving up the ellipsis…I love it, and it does what nothing else can do…put a little refreshing pause where one is needed…(ok that was trailing off into silence)…


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