Haircut time!!

I went into work this morning, expecting everyone to notice right away that I had my hair cut quite a bit(in my mind) over the weekend. But only two people have said anything….Jenn Franciotti noticed right away, and the 5 Pm producer Amy Lessard also noticed as soon as she saw me.
All I knew Saturday, was that my hair had really gotten too long, and out of shape. I was really struggling everyday to coax it into some semblance of managebility, so in I went. All I said was, “It is too long, and I need more layers.” And then, hunks of hair, that seemed more than what I had imagined having cut off. started hitting the floor. Now as everyone knows, at that point, having not been specific, all you can do is hope for the best, because the process has begun, and there’s no going back. There was a lot of cutting for a long time……and my hair is definitely…..shorter. Not short, I guess it’s still close to shoulder length or almost, lots more layers, and while it wasn’t what I thought I was getting, I really like it! It feels much, much better than what I had.
As for people here at WBAL who are usually observant about such things and haven’t mentioned it….what does this mean? It really isn’t that different? Or they don’t like it but don’t want to say anything? Yes, sadly, these are the paranoid ideas that run through my mind at such a time. That’s the way it is with our tortured relationships with our hair. See what you think tonight.


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