weekend stuff……

Ok….I have two good movie recommendations for you if you haven’t already seen them. The Last King of Scotland….wanted to see it before the Oscars….I’ve heard it said Forest Tucker is a shoo-in for best actor. I wouldn’t disagree. He is fabulous in the role of Idi Amin. Fascinating protrayal. Also caught Volver…Penelope Cruise is up for best actress. While I don’t think she’ll beat out the unbelieveable Helen Mirren in The Queen, it’s a movie worth seeing. She is terrific in a great story of mother-daughter relationships, and I’m always stunned by her beauty. But please Charles Theatre, keep the heat at a bearable level! It was sooooooo warm inside the theatre, my husband was jealous I was sitting against a wall. After the moveie was over, he said. “that wall was cool, wasn’t it?”He meant literally cool, not figuratively….and I admitted it was.
Oh, and another find, restaurant wise….I sometimes end up going to the same restaurants over and over, which I love really, being such a creature of habit, and I like knowing what to expect. But we were going to the Charles, and decided to try Sammy’s Trattoria on Charles St., a few blocks south of the theatre. What a great choice! This is a restaurant that has had a few reincarnations….Tampico, then Limoges, but I think Sammy’s Trattoria is the keeper. Duck Ravioli with sauteed mushrooms…ohmigoodness…delish. I’m told they take two days to make. Luscious and fat, topped by a butter sauce, and with the sauteed spinach with olive olive and garlic….yummy. Or the veal wrapped around prosciutto, spinach and cheese with a winey mushroom sauce on top. Yeah. I will be back!
Oh, and the Super Bowl is tonight….I have to admit I really don’t care who wins as the Ravens aren’t in it, but I along with millions of other will watch for various reasons…I’m making some ribs…one dry rubbed, the other in a barbecue sauce-crushed pineapple concoction. I’ll let you know which one is better. And I’m making cornbread from scratch. I looked longingly at some Jiffy mix, but I knew my Momma would be ashamed of me when cornbread is so dead easy to make, sooooo.I’m making it!


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