Get your red on…..

Today, if you don’t know,is Red Dress Day…a day that focuses on women’s heart health….there’s a big fashion show in New York today( that I was invited to but didn’t get to go…..waaaaah), with designers showing red dresses worn by celebs for the event.
Wear red day always presents a challange for me….I don’t wear much red and there’s not much of it in my closet. I don’t know why….when I do wear it I get compliments. You’d think I’d take the hint….but no. So today, I found a red turtleneck, I’m wearing it with a pinstripe suit….and while you won’t see this because you unfortunately never get to see our feet on tv, I have on some kicky red high heels!
Hope you caught our story last night on Sandy Unitas, and the fact that she had some serious heart issues going on, but her symptoms were fatigue, and depression.
Wow…who knew?
And hopefully you’ll be able to go to the Sister to Sister event happening in Baltimore Feb.16th, 8am to 3pm at the Convention Center… can find out what your heart risks are, and have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, for free!! Do you know what your numbers are? If you don’t you should, and don’t think you get it checked once and that’s it. Things do change, you know….alas…..
But it’s Friday!!


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