I hate having a cold…..

Yesterday I started having sneezing fits….usually that means I’m allergic to something, but occasionally it means a cold is starting. It’s like my body is trying to throw off whatever is invading. And this morning I woke up with scratchy throat, clogged nose, feeling chilly and just miserable.
I think it’s fate stepping in…Just a few days ago I was proudly saying how I had not had a cold in a long long time….and I will tell you I am extremely good about washing my hands, all the time, to keep illness away…obsessive my children might say. And I take my vitamins religiously. (I was watching “Living with Ed” on HGTV the other day…actor Ed Begley Jr. is a big environmentalist, whose wife is not on the same page….pretty amusing show really. Anyway, she was saying how she would like more room for her vitamins and he replied that even if he built her a walk-in closet for her vitamins, she’d need another one soon. I saw a little of myself in that.) I do take a lot of vitamins, and I think they make a difference in how you look and feel.
But in spite of eveything, I have come down with a nasty cold. So I pulled on a really cozy black sweater, went to the store and bought some cold meds, took more Airborne (can’t hurt)…and went to work. There I will try not to spread my ailment….more handwashing, you know. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow!


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