What went wrong??

I’ll be honest…in the news business, there are many sad, sad stories. In fact, about nine out of ten stories that make the news are tragic…stories of violent death, terrible accidents, race horses that have to be euthanized…all so sad. But the story of 43 year old Brandy Britton really struck me. Here’s an attractive, by all accounts extremely smart, accomplished former university professor, who somewhere along the line fell off the merry-go-round of teaching and research into being accused of prostitution, in her Howard County home. And then before trial, and being evicted from her home, commits suicide. How awful….and how terribly, terribly sad.
What happened to Brandy that things go so horribly awry, that life seems no longer worth living? Was it bad breaks….bad boyfriends….emotional problems…bad judgement…all of them? I wish something could have stopped this poor woman’s freefall into disgrace, and then death. Couldn’t someone have seen what trouble she was in and lent a helping hand? And perhaps there were those who did, but were turned away.
I don’t know the details of really happened to Brandy Britton, but my heart goes out to her children, college age I read. I hope they can take what was good from their Mom and let the rest go, and lead happy lives filled with good choices. We all wish that for our children, even when we can’t have it for ourselves.


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