I had a very….sisterly weekend…on many levels. Both of my sisters, Audrey and Jan, who both live in Alabama came up to the colder climes …usually I go there. But this time, we were also making a quick trip to New York, as my son had vacated his apartment Saturday night to go to a wedding. Free place to stay? Let’s go!!!! And we did, on the train , Saturday morning early…to the Big Apple where we proceded to walk our fool heads off. Only one of us truly had the shoes to handle that much pavement pounding….and I wasn’t that sister. Still we trudged through the Village, around Fifth Avenue, through H & M…Central Park. Audrey wanted to visit a place called Serendipity on the East Side, 60th Street, with famous frozen hot chocolate(location of John Cusack movie too).
We finally found it, but they told us the wait for lunch was an hour and half, so we put our name on a long list, and found a place for pizza across the street. About an hour later, we went back, and presto, our name was coming up soon, we were told. And about ten minutes later we were ushered upstairs by a nonchalant young man, into a little room, crammed with paintings and knickknacks and STUFF. Quaint. We weren’t really hungry by then, so we thought we would split one frozen hot chocolates($8.50 each), as they really are pretty big. But the people at Serendipity were more than prepared for cheap tourists like us. “I’m sorry but there is an $8.50 minimum per person charge. But if you get the Forbidden Broadway Sundae(chocolate Blackout cake, ice cream, hot fudge topped with shipped cream 13.50) and cup of coffee…you’ll be covered.” Now, we really didn’t want all that but, we had schlepped all the way there, and waited. Sooooo, we went for it. And I must admit, we did justice to it all. And there was much sundae envy in the room. All the tables surrounding us, ooohed and aaaaahed and demanded to know what was that big fudgy, cakey whipped cremey thing? Yes, it was absolutely delicious. Try it yourself…And the frozen hot chocolate, though a little overshadowed by the Forbidden Broadway Sundae, was really good. By itself, we would have appreciated it more, I think.
Enough about the food….we would have had a good time, no matter what. My sisters and I have always been close…..not like best friends as kids or anything, but we are great friends as adults. We all get along…ok, the occasional little snipe, but it’s always in good fun. They are the only people in the world I think I could move in with this very day, and be happy living with them. We are so much the same, just little variations on a theme. We laugh a lot, and know how the other will feel about something without needing to ask. Just a very comfortable….sister thing, you know?
And someone here at work, said, “That’s so nice…lots of sisters don’t get along, you know.” That is so sad to me….I can’t imagine not having my sisters around, or arguing with them. We just don’t do that. They left this morning for ‘bama…I miss them already!


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