Sunrise Earth…tv for a breathless world??

Got a 7 AM (!) text from my son who lives in New York…asking if I was watching Sunrise Earth, an HD program on Discovery HD.
1. I don’t know what that is.
2. It’s 7 am and I barely have the coffee going.
My normal habit is to switch on the Today Show, check out the weather, find out what’s what….but I did a search on the tv and there it is…. Sunrise Earth.
Jesse discovered it in New Yorker magazine, in some article about taking a breath in a breathless city….so he listens and watches pretty morning scenes of sunrise, geese on a lake, fish in a pond, with gurgling morning sounds of running water and birds. I must admit, it is very zen, though you will have no idea at all what’s going on the world, or what happened overnight.
But maybe, just maybe, we could do with a little less of that?
OH wait, the ads just came on…even at Sunrise Earth, somebody has to pay for it.
a Mantis tiller, anyone?


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