Please read this…….

There is a new vaccine available for girls age around age 10-11-12 to 25…It’s called Gardisil, and it protects against the types of Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, most likely to cause cervical cancer, which kills thousands of women each year. It is most effective when girls get the vaccine before they have become sexually active, thus the lower age limit. And, Gardisil also protects them against genital warts. I’m not trying to be indelicate, but let’s be honest here. This highly contagious condition, results in clustered cauliflower like growths of warts in and around the vagina,anus and labia. Horrifying.
I spoke with Dr. Dwight Im, a top oncological gyn at Mercy Medical Center, and he described how devastating it is for these girls and women who have to have these terrible growths lasered off, only to have them return again. Would you ever wish that on your darling daughter? Or cervical cancer as she gets older?
Of course you wouldn’t.
Right now in the Maryland General Assembly, a bill is making its way through, requiring the vaccine for girls, and requiring insurance companies to cover it. For those who are uninsured, medicare would help cover the costs.
As it is right now, while Gardisil is available, you have to pay close to $300 for the series of shots. And there are many who cannot or will not pay this.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the bill to pass,(call your delegates and senators)….thanks to Senator Delores Kelly…a great lady from Baltimore County. And then don’t wait…get your daughters vaccinated against these terrible diseases….cervical cancer and genital warts. Our daughters need our protection, don’t they?


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