It’s Friday

And I love Fridays! Of course where I work, when someone says, “It’s Friday”, there’s always a good chance the person to whom it is said will give you a look, and say, “Not for me…”. Oops. In the tv business, like in many others, people work all kind of strange hours and shifts. Overnights, early mornings, late nights, weekends..there are always people in the newsroom. So what’s Friday for me may be Monday for someone else.
But for me, Friday is Friday.
On Friday nights, sometimes I stay home, relax, get some carryout, watch something in from Netflix(big fan, though lately, I’m not getting my top choices…been waiting forever for Jet Li’s Fearless..what gives? Every week it’s on a very long wait.), open a bottle of wine and chill out.
But maybe dinner will be out….and then catch a movie. I’d have to say the Charles Theatre downtown is my top favorite….with several good food options around. Tapas, right next door for “little plates” and sangria…yummy. And if you’ve never tried the Zodiac across the street, you’re missing out. Great food, some good vegetarian choices too, and absolutely top drawer desserts. I know the outside with bars on the windows look a little…sketchy? But the interior is really quite nice, with a fabulous mural painted over the bar.
And for something quicker, Sophie’s crepes on the other side of the Charles, serves crepes of all descriptions, savory and sweet. Try the S’mores dessert crepe…chocolate, craham cracker crumbs, and marshmallow all wrapped in a warm, freshly-made-while-you-watch crepe. Ummmmmmm.
Went to the inaugural party Wednesday night… what a crush! Thousands of people, or so it seemed, all political parties in attendance, and a really interesting mix of people. Various restaurants around town provided food….and they were beleaguered by long, long lines of hungry, hungry people. As soon as a deviled egg with crab on top, or a tiny tuna tartar on a chip was put out, it was scarfed up…..YOu really had to work to get something to eat or drink, and the wise ate before they came. But still a nice vibe….and great music!


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