chili and tamales

It’s a big day….Ravens taking on the Colts for the next step toward the Super Bowl, what a story! So, the food for the occasion has to be right. You don’t want too fussy or fancy. It should be football food, yet you don’t want to be totally unoriginal.
So today I’m turning to an old favorite….Silver Palate’s Chili for a Crowd. If you make the whole thing it will serve twenty!….I don’t need that much and don’t want to freeze it though you could, so I’m cutting it in half. What is original about chili, you ask? Well…..nothing really, but it’s a great recipe and the black olives in it add a touch of a surprise.
But I’m adding tamales to dinner….No I didn’t make them, are you kidding? We did actually make tamales one year….two words for you…labor intensive. Making the filling and them wrapping them in cornhusks….better left for those who know how to do it. But I found a place called Texas Tamales online that will two day ship beef, spinach, chicken and bean tamales to you in a styrofoam cooler…and you can order sauces and chili, and other stuff if you like, and the shipping for most items is free. I don’t know what it is about free shipping, oh wait yes I do, it’s free. I have canceled many an order at the last moment when I think I’m getting robbed on the shipping. Why haven’t all companies figured this out? People love free shipping.
Anyway… back to the tamales…they’re delicious. And not too big…you know how some tamales are really big and fat…these are about four inches long and one inch wide…cute really, if a tamale an be cute.
Whatever you decide to fix for a Raben’s meal today….enjoy the game!….


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